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Writing about parental bereavement (Elixir and Star Press)

The committee for right thinking (Impspired, UK, Vol 12)

All doors lead to Aunty May (Impspired, UK, Vol 11 )

The Bones of the story (Impspired, UK, vol 10)

The earth is full of bones (Kitchen Fiction Berlin)

Pop goes the weasel (Potato Soup Anthology)



Mercy for Miss Bint, (Impspired, UK, 2022)

Droopy Blue (Sweetycat Press, USA, November 2022)

 Future Proof (Marriage, Lifespan series, vol 6, Pure Slush Books, Australia, August 2022)


Midnight Blue (inScribe Journal, Tabor University, Australia, 2022)

Behind closed doors (Cow, Vol 23, Pure Slush Books, Australia, June, 2022)

The Stone (100 Voices, Unbound Books, March 2022)


Mr Pearson's sweet shop  (Love, Lifespan series, vol 4, Pure Slush Books, Australia,2021) 

 Unmasked (Stone Gathering Anthology, French Press Editions, USA, 2021)

The other side of the tracks (Friendship, Lifespan series, Pure Slush Books, Australia, 2021)

The bee's knees (Growing up, Lifespan series, Pure Slush Books, Australia, 2021)


Shrinking Violet (Wrong way go back,  Pure Slush Books, Australia, 2020)

Always the cerrado (Best of 2019 Anthology, Potato Soup Journal, USA)


The seventh son (Stone Gathering Anthology, Vol 1: 3 French Press Editions, USA)


Inside story (Retreat West Books, UK)

The girl who wanted to fly (Bonsai: The Big Book of Small Stories, Canterbury University Press, NZ)

Heartbeats, (Peacock Journal Anthology, Vol 2:1 USA)

Under the Southern Cross (University of Sunderland Short Story Award Anthology, Bandit Fiction, UK)




Tell no lies (Dime Show Review, Vol 2:3, USA)

The quick and the dead ( Sleep is a Beautiful Colour, National Flash Fiction Day Anthology, UK)

The golden balloon (Fresh Ink Anthology, Cloud Ink Press, NZ)

The doll (Baby Shoes Never Worn, KGHH Publishing, UK)


Autumn leaves (Dreadlocks, Literary Journal of the School of Language, Arts and Media, The University of the South Pacific, Australia)


The stone (The Best New Zealand Fiction, Vol 4, edited by Fiona Farrell, Vintage, New Zealand)


Extract from Tomorrow’s Empire, Nuestra Voz: Antologia del Comite de Escritoras del PEN Internacional, Argentina


Gul (Vital Writing 1, Anthology of Best Writing of 1989 – 1990, edited by Andrew Mason, Godwit Press, New Zealand)


The passion fruit tree (Other Voices 1, edited by Bernard Gadd, Brick Row/Hallard Press, New Zealand)


A distraction of opposites (Antipodes New Writing, edited by Louis Johnson, Antipodes Press, New Zealand)

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