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Essays / Articles


The language of grief (Truth Serum Press, Loss Anthology, February)


 The Stone, (100 voices ,Unbound Books, March )


I'll get back to you (New World Writing, September)


Love - Omani style (The Blue Nib, August)

Leave it with me, I'm working on it (The Blue Nib, May)

Writing 'The Ash, the Well and the Bluebell' (Flash Frontier, May)

A writing trajectory (The Blue Nib, April) 

Where goats climb trees (The Blue Nib, April)

Giving words to sorrow (The Blue Nib, March)

Retrieving lost words (The Blue Nib, March)

The Meeting of Tahr Minds (The Blue Nib, September)

Writing Soul Etchings (TSS Publishing, July)

Dawn Trek in Wahiba (The Blue Nib, June)

When the bird hatched (Takahe 95, April)


The Frankincense Trail (Corpus) July

The Stone (100 voices for 100 years) May

Do it in a Flash (The Short Story) April

The Stone (Corpus, Medical Humanities, University of Otago, New Zealand, 5 March)

Moments of Magnitude (Corpus, Medical Humanities, University of Otago, New Zealand, 19 February)

A pleasant outing: he thought he would be decapitated as the balloon ripped through barbed wire fences (The Spinoff, November, 14)


I’ll get back to you (Connotation Press, November) 

Grieving the death of a child (Corpus, Medical Humanities, University of Otago, New Zealand, 24 July) 

The language of grief (Corpus, Medical Humanities, University of Otago, New Zealand, 15 May) 

Navigating a way through grief (Corpus, Medical Humanities, University of Otago, New Zealand, 27 March) 

Narrative Voice (Headland 8, New Zealand, January)


Giving sorrow words (Atlas Medical Literary Journal, New Zealand, July) 


Reflections on Waterfall Bay (Landfall 229, New Zealand, May) 


Moments of magnitude: the Christchurch earthquake (Social Alternatives, Vol 32, no 3, October, Disaster dialogues: Representations of catastrophe in word and image. University of the Sunshine Coast, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Queensland, Australia)

Sing no sad songs (New Zealand Society of Authors Journal, issue 285, Feb/March)


On the frankincense trail (NEXT, New Zealand, October)

Without her ( NEXT, New Zealand, January)


Giving sorrow words (Booknotes: The Journal of the New Zealand Book Council, New Zealand)


Brazil’s great divide (Christchurch Press, New Zealand, May)

From the Virgin Mary to Iemanja (Christchurch Press, New Zealand, May)


Country without a memory (Quote Unquote, New Zealand, January)


An awful lot of culture in Brazil (New Zealand Author, New Zealand)


Imagining murder and menace (New Zealand Books, New Zealand)

International Feminist Book Fair (Quote Unquote, New Zealand)


Manic-depression (Christchurch Press, New Zealand)


Two travel articles on Turkey (Insight Magazine, New Zealand, 1986)


Series of six travel articles on Turkey (Christchurch Press, New Zealand)

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