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Where the Wind Blows

Published by Truth Serum Press, Australia


Published July 10, 2023

ISBN 978-1-923000-26-1



Taste of Where the Wind Blows

Praise for Where the Wind Blows

Hummingbirds in wild orchids in Brazil, a giant turtle laying her eggs by moonlight on an Omani beach  -  Sandra Arnold's settings in Where the Wind Blows are at once exotic and deeply felt, but equally deeply felt are the inner landscapes of her protagonists as they seek understanding in the wake of loss. These stories, fascinating in their closely-realised outer detail, are also layered in their examination of what it means to be family, both the immediate family and the wider human family.

James Norcliffe

author of Letter to Oumuamua; 2022 Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement. 



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